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Stainless steel lined composite steel pipe
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Stainless steel lined composite steel pipe


Lined with stainless steel solar water heating pipe adopt national standard hot dip galvanized steel pipe, welded pipe, spiral pipe, seamless steel pipe for the outer layer, with imported or domestic high-quality stainless steel pipe for inner layer, compounded by a special process, due to the advantages of both the inside and outside two layers of steel tubes, but also overcome the shortcomings of their respective, has good technical features and application prospect, thus gradually in recent years to the architectural design unit and engineering value. The main technical characteristics for:

One, with good mechanical properties. Because both inside and outside two layer of metal material, so its compressive strength, strong impact resistance, tensile strength, elongation, elastic modulus value is high, the thermal expansion coefficient is small. Especially suitable for building water riser dark apply.

Second, combined with high strength. Carbon steel stainless steel clad pipe is, the inner will be set into the hot dip galvanized steel pipe, stainless steel tube under the action of mechanical force, make the outer steel tube elastic deformation, the inner layer of stainless steel tube plastic deformation, make the material of two layers of chimeric closely, and its bond strength more than the standard provisions of the state1MPaThe above. Due to the inner and outer layer material, so will not split phenomenon.

Three, rust corrosion resistance is good. Stainless steel material is qualitative with rust and oxidation resistance, acid and alkali resistance, good chemical properties such as intergranular corrosion resistance, the rust and corrosion resistant material is superior than others. Liner stainless steel compound pipe and lined with stainless steel pipe fittings and stainless steel pipe connection, its wider application scope, besides a water heating, also suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical, oil, food, electricity and other corrosion demanding industry

Fourth, the heat resistant to cold, cold hot amphibious. Liquid nitrogen freezing chamber adopts stainless steel material, so the stainless steel, heat-resistant hardy superior performance of pipe hot water and cold water, a tube of the same time, is suitable for hot and cold.

Five, large size, small resistance. Lined with stainless steel clad pipe lining stainless steel only3B8mm,So the actual size with the specified size. And inside sleek, not scale, small resistance, large flow of water.

Six, high working pressure. Lined with stainless steel clad pipe can guarantee the working pressure is greater than2.5MPaAbove, can meet the demand of all kinds of building water supply engineering.

Seven, installation is convenient, simple process. Carbon steel with ordinary galvanized steel pipe lined with stainless steel clad pipe installation,DN100Wire connection ,DN100The above adopts the groove connection, the process is simple, the installation workers do not need special training.

Eight, health, environmental protection, and good safety. Because the stainless steel material chemical performance is stable, no damage to human body, so the international and domestic medical implants in the human body all kinds of stents, plywood, selection of internal fixation of screws are stainless steel materials. Liner stainless steel compound pipe with composite pipe fitting connection, add to the end of the nipple and non-toxic and antirust processing, can effectively prevent the secondary pollution of water quality. Lined with stainless steel clad pipe system to remove all parts of the transmission fluid stainless steel materials, health, security, good environmental protection, conform to the requirements of the "ecological residential" and the era of people-oriented concept. Can be widely used in the following areas:

Water supply to introduce

Outdoor water supply water pipe

Water pump room tube

High-rise building service pipe, water mains

Air conditioning circulating water pipe, fire sprinkler pipe

The hot water pipe, straight drinking water pipe

Fine decoration high-grade commercial housing service pipe

Solar hot water pipe

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