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Steel mills ex-factory price collective soaring & have spent Is a poor crazy or a major turning point

查看次數:23 發布時間:2016/4/19

Since last week, as the steel prices quickly pull up, continuous 3, the highest rise has more than 300 yuan/ton, but relatively some steel mills during 1 3 times even more increase ex-factory price, or close to 500 yuan/ton, seem dwarfed, is steel poor crazy, in rapid increase to harvest the wheat, or steel market inflection point is really coming? It is worth looking forward to.

Ex-factory price and the market spot prices' dance with demons' type to pull up, mechanical 'passage to start?

From Monday to Wednesday, just three days, the domestic steel mills appeared over the years the most 'passion for a period of time, that is continuously rise in price, especially those mills of sending the notice of price increases several times a day.

According to the arrangement, according to data from ShaYong transit pricing ten-day degree of building materials manufacturers such as rose from 70 to 200 yuan, shougang changzhi/hangang, and other steel wire spiral rises many times in 200 ~ 460 yuan, wuhan, baosteel plate manufacturers such as rose even up to 500 yuan; At the same time, steel spot market price has risen hasn't DuoRang, thread screw steel constructions such as average price gains in 200 ~ 300 yuan, some cities rose more than 400 yuan, a little stronger than steel mills ex-factory price; Spot and plank spot or relatively weak, hot and cold rolled sheet in average prices in the range of 100 ~ 200 yuan/ton, monthly pricing steel parts such as baosteel, wisco varieties rose 500 yuan/ton.

In all previous rebound in steel prices quotation, very few see mills so eager with ex-factory price rise in a row, on the one hand is the steel mill to confirm market price, this is a normal response to see long kui after dawn; On the one hand is the current market is given priority to with factory about resources, especially the thread screw, market pull up sharply promoting businesses centered to each big steel mills' rob goods, steel mills can only keep up with market changes adjust, third, multiple price history suggests that such a quick rise price, if not timely follow-up, steel mills to locking periodic increase profits, from the point of the steel mill compared with spot prices rose, this steel mills with inflation, to realize the process of rapid digestion and increase profits, steel mills, traders profit together, end demand has not clear up the steps of purchasing, in the end when the steel price back to adjust the principle, the difficulties of out sooner or later, there will always be some copy goods of the existence of tragedy, terminal are, after all, is not a fool.

Factory forward library resources, less than 25 million tons of national resources inventory into steel, merchants for power

Is clearly a phenomenon, affected by the light in the limited funding and inventory running ideas, except a few large stock inventory in the hand, the vast majority of steel trade, have a light inventory, even zero inventory, almost all of the steel mills are set up in every major local market library, move the factory library directly to the spot market, traders of zero inventory operations directly makes them when prices have to react quickly to the steel mill, that is why steel mills to quickly follow up market prices, the tentacles into the frontline market already.

In addition, the current domestic steel stronger stock over the same period in recent years, low, steel mills internal stocks fell to 12 million tons, the social stocks fell to 10 million tons, the total amount is 22 million tons, only serious nervous market resources supply, is the root cause of the current steel prices many times a sharp reaction, steel trade merchants began to steel mills for resources and markets do not fire.

Price increases, the confidence is very important, attitude is more important

Regardless of steel price rises and rises, the downstream terminal needs to be normal construction, need normal procurement, and over the years of experience and money is tight, the downstream steel enterprise already no longer store inventory, basic it is on-demand zero is given priority to, so after almost a month to steel prices surge terminal purchasing any failed to affect the enthusiasm of traders are pulling up, this is a 'is making money, resources, not in evidence, even the deluge' s, as long as resources don't fall into his own hands, clinch a deal the downstream is good or not is not important, the important thing is attitude, is confidence in the market.

The current steel prices gained confidence comes from resource inventory nervous, big background, the shortage of supply to stimulate the economy rebounded from the steel expected confidence, derived from the sensitive of macro news, also comes from price increases cash point of view, and eliminate long 'gambling' mentality began to breed. Mentality in this round of steel price surge dropped even more important, in order to take the goods, definitely not bottom up goods in hand, it is very gentle and strong mentality is needed to control the price rise of temptation, 1 up hundreds of yuan, the strength of the continuous pull up, can control the hand copy to resources does not hold in the hand is very great, timely shipment be restocked again shipment, time is tight, measure is traders mentality, otherwise, it might due to the fast rise fast down the goods to hit his own hands.

, fundamental is good, but demand is far behind the rally into biggest weakness, but limited exports

Experienced several rounds before pull up repeatedly, the current steel price level is low than last year rose by $one thousand level, the downstream terminal at the time of purchase, though there is still a wait-and-see, but the purchase is no longer hesitate, also appear less usual wait, so little after all resources, also lack of specifications, the occasional 'rob' also unavoidable.

However, although the current many end demand fundamentals are better than before, but still far couldn't keep up with the pace of rising steel prices, it also caused during the rising steel prices are clinch a deal but it is difficult to the embarrassment of rare; Infrastructure investment increased significantly, also showed signs of improvement in the economy, but the price increase since march stimulation factors - largest amount of floor market's rise is being more and more strict control policy to suppress, real downstream demand and increase relative to the same period last year. In addition although steel exports rose nearly 30% in February, but more and more cases against China's steel exports double show that China's steel export pressure is more and more big, the back of the external demand is not optimistic. The current and future a period of time, the release of the downstream demand is not obvious and total demand is still falling, rising steel prices is still behind the biggest short board, stay after the passion, there's always a 'stabbed a knife behind node, wu cargo must be careful.

In v, steel prices rose sharply, merchants in the 'music' rise, timely delivery, cash bag as the Ann is the most important; After all, price to stimulate steel mills would be infinite speed up production and confidence to increase the economy rebounded, steel exports more than expected, but our country's steel industry is still in the excess of supply and demand in the environment, industry supply and demand of inflection point does not appear, in order to carefully and do not take on too much. (from: China's steel prices network)