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Quantity of iron ore futures warehouse has dropped to below & have spent millions of hand Continue to look at an empty

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Last week. Iron ore futures weak performance. Main 1609 contract on Thursday at 417.5 yuan/ton, down 5.28%, the decline in the top. But a significant rebound on Friday, 1609 contract rose 3.03% to 425 yuan/ton. On the day of the contract volume, open interest both fall below 1 million.

Spot, port 61.5% PB powder (wet metric tons) slashed its quotation, caofeidian to 475 yuan/ton, down 10 yuan/ton; Lianyungang to 475 yuan/ton, down 25 yuan/ton. Recently sent to tianjin port iron ore cargo offer stable at around $61 a tonne, and January 1, 2016, the value for just $42.90.

Hongyuan futures analyst wang Lian argues that for the black plate, negative factors are cumulative. The end of the first, as the peak season of consumption, especially the arrival of the rainy season, south terminal construction will be affected by a certain, domestic infrastructure needs not be explosive growth; Second, the amount of the real estate market price has dropped, the sales boost for new construction has its timeliness, especially the consumption growth and growth in a high position, marginal demand continues to improve little room; Again, the steel supply is slowly released, crude steel nissan gradually rose to a record high, once the steel prices fell, the conduction function of ore price has the quite big; Fourth, outside the mine to the port capacity is high, stronger imports, domestic mine starts to heat up, the cost side down, and to become useful drag on.

, according to data from 1 to 3 months of domestic imports of iron ore and concentrate imports 242 million tons, accumulative total rose 6.5%, significantly higher than the average for the whole year, 2015, the mine supply growth rebound again. Domestic iron ore ishihara stone production in March of 98.158 million tons, up 6.43% from a year earlier, 1-262 million tons of iron ore ishihara stone production accumulated in March, year-on-year growth to 5.3% cumulative, narrow for 11 months in a row, the largest negative growth in April last year to 11.83%.

Analysts note that after a period of spot take turns to pull up, iron ore's price hit $70 a tonne, the current is still above the $60, recovery of the ore price will lead to the high cost of ore resurgence. King Lian said that as of April 29, the domestic mining starts back up to 45.2%, a large mine starts approaching 60%, medium-sized mines was 18.2%, small mines are still in the fully closed, capacity utilization at 8.7%. Ore price rise has led to lower costs for large mines start first. Reviewing historical data, only when the iron ore prices remain above $70, small and medium-sized mining power will be gradually restored. Last year, according to data from other spot iron ore prices to more than $64, the domestic mining starts rose to 53.8%, a large mine starts close to 70%, up to now, price is $61.5, rising domestic mining starts there is still a certain space. Therefore superposition ore supply pressure, iron ore prices to maintain above $60 a long time.

Zhongzhou futures also thinks, high ore prices stimulate gradually and production in mines, iron ore supply increased significantly. In April, according to the latest figures in Australia, Brazil, for a total of 21.03 million tons of iron ore delivery from march. As gradually increase the amount of mine to port, port stock or continue to rise. From the disk surface, steel ore bulls arrangement has been reversed, days decline already pared early gains a lot, marketing hype heat down further. The actual demand, to inventory is still a major task, although the first-tier cities are still in short supply, but three or four line city to inventory is difficult, so could not exceed the expected performance of the real estate investment. Infrastructure investment, subject to the limit of the budget deficit, afternoon to maintain the infrastructure investment growth of around 20% so far this year is difficult. Therefore, the iron ore should be to sustain a short train of thought. (from: the China securities journal)